Heide’s Blog – 14th December 2018

It’s nearly Christmas and it’s the time of year for planning and preparing.  Getting things ready for the big day so things go perfectly.  Or as perfectly as possible.  You can’t plan for the unexpected but if you plan, you’ll at least know you’ll be in control for the majority of the time!

It got me thinking about Santa and how he manages to plan his journey to perfection – everything timed so nobody gets missed and the job’s done by the deadline.  Plenty of time, then, before he needs to worry about the next deadline.

Children send him their wish-list in plenty of time so he can ensure everyone’s happy and all his paperwork is done with plenty of time to spare!  They don’t want to be disappointed on the big day so they make sure they get their letters in before the Royal Mail delivery deadline.  They couldn’t possibly risk not having their toys on Christmas day, because they hadn’t sent their letter to Santa in on time.

It made me think about mortgages in a similar way.

If Christmas day is your moving day (or, if you’re re-mortgaging, it’s the day your current mortgage deal expires) then you want to ensure you’ve done everything possible to have your mortgage in place by that deadline.

In order to have the mortgage in place, you need to do the groundwork.  In the same way as the children need to have their letters to Santa sent on time, you need to have all your paperwork made available to your mortgage advisor (Santa!) to avoid any unnecessary delays and disappointments.

So, when your mortgage advisor tells you what documents you need to provide, think of it as your letter to Santa.

Get it in as soon as possible.  You won’t be penalised for having all your documentation ready early.  In fact, the sooner you have it ready, the better prepared you’ll be and the less stressful the whole process may be.

Getting everything together early will ensure if there ARE any questions or queries, there will still be plenty of time to deal with them before the big day arrives.

Make your list.

Check it twice.

Be prepared.

Send your letter early to avoid disappointment!

If you need any help in establishing what your “mortgage requirements list” looks like then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!  Don’t leave it to the last minute……

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Heide’s Blog – 14th December 2018


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