Heide’s Blog, 4th January 2019



Hello and Happy New Year!

The first week of 2019 is almost over.

I said last week that during 2019 I’m going to be more specific about the subjects of my posts.  And I stand true to my word!

During January, we’ll be discussing “Property Purchases”.  So we’ll be talking about anything to do with buying a property.


We’ll be talking about the following:

Buyer types – Are you a first time buyer?  A next time buyer? An investment buyer?  Are you buying a holiday home?  A second home?  Are you buying a shared ownership property?

Stamp Duty – The amount of stamp duty you will pay on the purchase of your property will be dependent on the above factors.  Where can you check what you’ll pay?

Property types – Is it a house? Flat?  Leasehold?  Freehold?  Where is it located?  Is it of standard structure or is it a timber frame?  Thatched roof?  Ex-council?  Is it near commercial outlets?  Is it listed?  Does it have solar panels?

Deposit – Where is your deposit coming from?  Why does it matter?  How do you prove where your deposit has originated?

Conveyancers – What is a conveyancer?  What do they do?  Why do I need one?

Surveyors – What is a surveyor?  What do they do?

Of course we’ll also be talking about your mortgage.  Do you want a repayment mortgage?  Do you prefer interest only?  Do you have investments or other repayment vehicle to pay back an interest only loan at the end of the mortgage term?  Do you what a standard mortgage or an offset mortgage?

What should you expect from your estate agent?  What other third parties may be involved in the purchase?

If you have any questions that I can cover in a general way (for specific, tailored advice, please contact me directly) or if you have any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thanks and I’ll see you again next week!

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Your home may be repossessed if you fail to keep up the repayments on your mortgage.

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Heide’s Blog, 4th January 2019


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