Heide’s Blog – 27th November 2020

It is fairly common knowledge that the economy is in recession and the economic outlook in UK is uncertain. It may seem surprising, then, that both demand and house prices are rising. The stamp duty holiday introduced in July has certainly contributed to this and home movers, whose purchases tend to be more expensive, have benefitted most as first time buyers are exempt from stamp duty on purchases up to £300,000 in the majority of England currently.

It is also clear that the ongoing pandemic has resulted in many people rethinking how they live their lives and what they want from their homes; whether that’s more space for a home office or just to spend more time at home.

So, what’s the situation for home movers financing a move?

Heide’s Blog, 18th September 2020

People often ask why they would choose to use a mortgage broker rather than go to their bank. Or, indeed why they couldn’t go through the mortgage process themselves rather than asking for help.

The answer is, you are free to choose whichever option you wish … as long as you make an informed decision as to which route you choose.

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