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9th September, 2022: RIP Queen Elizabeth II

2nd September, 2022: VJ Day

26th August, 2022: The origin of Bank Holidays

19th August, 2022: Mercedes Benz Logo

12th August, 2022: The hottest temperature ever recorded

5th August, 2022: Facts about Dogs

29th July, 2022: Origin of Ladies Football

22nd July, 2022: Bedford River Festival Facts

15th July, 2022: Golf Facts

8th July, 2022: Puffin Facts

1st July, 2022: What do you call a group of Pandas?

24th June, 2022: The Most Popular UK Pub Name

17th June, 2022: Badger Facts

10th June, 2022: Chef’s Hat Facts

3rd June, 2022: Some Right Royal Facts

27th May, 2022: Humans are the only animals with chins!

20th May, 2022: Does the Royal Family play Monopoly?

13th May, 2022: Only 5% of the world’s ocean has been explored

6th May, 2022: The world’s heaviest water melon

29th April, 2022: The heaviest onion ever grown

22nd April, 2022: Koalas have fingerprints

15th April, 2022: Bees will sting bees!

8th April, 2022: Flying can affect your tastebuds

1st April, 2022: Moonquakes

25th March, 2022: Bats

18th March, 2022: Guinea pigs in Switzerland

11th March 2022: Teeth are the only human body part which can’t heal themselves!

4th March 2022: Australia sits wider than the Moon!

25th February 2022: What happens to the Eiffel Tower when it gets hot?

18th February 2022: How long is a giraffe’s tongue?

11th February 2022: Numbers Fun!

4th February 2022: NASA uses 3D Emails to send Tools to Astronauts!

28th January 2022: Lemons float but limes sink

21st January 2022: Disney Characters

14th January 2022: National Dress Up Your Pet Day

7th January 2022: Sloths

31st December 2021: New Years Eve

24th December 2021: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

17th December 2021: The largest gingerbread house!

10th December 2021: NORAD Santa tracker

3rd December 2021: Jingle Bells

26th November 2021: Black Friday

19th November 2021: Dogs Sense of Smell

12th November 2021: Canadian Forestry Corps

5th November 2021: Remember, remember the 5th of November!

29th October 2021: Trick or Treat

22nd October 2021: Fastest pumpkin carving

15th October 2021: Turtles don’t have teeth!

8th October 2021: Rhino’s Horn

1st October 2021: Pandas

24th September 2021: Male Polar Bears

17th September 2021: Polar Bears

10th September 2021: UK flag

3rd September 2021: Baby Platypus

27th August 2021: Polar Bears

20th August 2021: Elephant’s Tusks

13th August 2021: Panda’s black and white markings

6th August 2021: The word Jaguar

30th July 2021: A Judge’s Pen

23rd July 2021: Baby Platypus

16th July 2021: “On Tenterhooks”

9th July 2021: Worlds heaviest padlock

2nd July 2021: Vacuums

25th June 2021: How do dolphins sleep?

18th June 2021: Coffee Festival

11th June 2021: Bonobo

4th June 2021: National Cheese Day!

28th May 2021: National Road Trip Day

21st May 2021: Saint Lucia

14th May 2021: Sea Otters Under Arm Pockets

7th May: Average time it takes for a male to get bored of a shopping trip!

30th April 2021: Sahara Desert

23rd April 2021: How many calories do Blue Whales eat?

16th April 2021: How many eggs does an Octopi lay?

9th April 2021: Armadillo Shells

2nd April 2021: Good Friday Bonus Facts

2nd April 2021: Youngest Country!

26th March 2021: The most expensive coin in the world!

19th March 2021: France is the most popular country!

12th March 2021: What places can you not buy Coca-Cola?

5th March 2021: Sea Otters

26th February 2021: Honeybees can recognise human faces

19th February 2021: Recycling one glass!

12th February 2021: Valentine’s day tradition

5th February 2021: Captain Sir Tom Moore

29th January 2021: Burns night

22nd January 2021: How much of the ocean has been explored?

15th January 2021: Smallest bone in your body

8th January 2021: All Scandinavian countries have a cross on their flags

1st January 2021: Times Square New years party

25th December 2020: Santa’s Reindeer

18th December 2020: Why red, gold and green?

11th December 2020: Christmas stockings!

4th December 2020: Spotify

27th November: Billy goats

20th November 2020: Bananas grow towards the sun!

13th November 2020: Kangaroos tail

6th November 2020: Chocolate Milk

30th October 2020: Pumpkin facts

23rd October 2020: Fear of fun and happiness

16th October 2020: Drive south from Detroit!

9th October 2020: World Octopus day!

2nd October 2020: Snakes can help predict earthquakes!

25th September 2020: Fear of being tickled by feathers!

18th September 2020: Law of Guinea Pigs!

11th September 2020: Stressful week?

4th September 2020: Facebook’s population if it was a country!

28th August 2020: Baby sea otters can’t swim!

21st August 2020: Crowns Jewels

14th August 2020: How much does a $1 bill cost to make?

7th August: Fear of the number 13!

31st July 2020: How many grapes go into one bottle of wine?

24th July 2020: Lincoln Logs

17th July 2020: State bird

10th July 2020: Study Wine

3rd July 2020: Speed of a computers mouse

26th June 2020: First soft drink in space

19th June 2020: Lyrebird can mimic almost any sound it hears

12th June 2020: English Language

5th June 2020: Baby Puffin

29th May 2020: Put your pillow in a Fridge day

22nd May 2020: Odds of getting a Royal flush

15th May 2020: Blue whales heartbeat

8th May 2020: Neil Armstrong’s first words

1st May 2020: M&M name

24th April, 2020: Oldest Living Organism

17th April 2020: National animal of Scotland  

10th April 2020: Chefs hat 

3rd April 2020: Apple Pie 

27th March 2020: Wedding Veil

20th March 2020: Cat allergies

16th November, 2018: Scottish Words for Snow

9th November, 2018: Mosquitoes

2nd November, 2018: Air Pollution

26th October, 2018: Champagne

19th October, 2018: Land Registry

12th October, 2018: Penguins

5th October, 2018: Zerg Rush

28th September, 2018: Ryder Cup

21st September, 2018: Kissing!

14th September 2018: Go Air Indian Airline

7th September 2018: St Lucia

31st August 2018: British jobs that no longer exist

24th August 2018: Kangaroos

17th August 2018: Bananas

10th August 2018: Chocolate Milk

3rd August 2018: Dogs

27th July 2018: Different types of Tears

20th July 2018: Wine! 🙂

13th July 2018: Friday 13th

6th July 2018: World Cup Facts

16th February 2018: Valentines Day

12th January 2018: Roman God Janus

29th September 2017: Slugs





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