Swift Mortgages Friday Fact Library

Every Friday on the Swift Mortgages Facebook page we publish a “Friday Fact”.

Here is a library of our Friday Facts!

If you have an interesting or fascinating fact which hasn’t already been mentioned, we’d love to hear from you.

If your fact is published we’ll put you into a quarterly draw for a prize. A condition of winning the prize draw is that you must have liked our Facebook page.

21st August 2020: Crowns Jewels

14th August 2020: How much does a $1 bill cost to make?

7th August: Fear of the number 13!

31st July 2020: How many grapes go into one bottle of wine?

24th July 2020: Lincoln Logs

17th July 2020: State bird

10th July 2020: Study Wine

3rd July 2020: Speed of a computers mouse

26th June 2020: First soft drink in space

19th June 2020: Lyrebird can mimic almost any sound it hears

12th June 2020: English Language

5th June 2020: Baby Puffin

29th May 2020: Put your pillow in a Fridge day

22nd May 2020: Odds of getting a Royal flush

15th May 2020: Blue whales heartbeat

8th May 2020: Neil Armstrong’s first words

1st May 2020: M&M name

24th April, 2020: Oldest Living Organism

17th April 2020: National animal of Scotland  

10th April 2020: Chefs hat 

3rd April 2020: Apple Pie 

27th March 2020: Wedding Veil

20th March 2020: Cat allergies

16th November, 2018: Scottish Words for Snow

9th November, 2018: Mosquitoes

2nd November, 2018: Air Pollution

26th October, 2018: Champagne

19th October, 2018: Land Registry

12th October, 2018: Penguins

5th October, 2018: Zerg Rush

28th September, 2018: Ryder Cup

21st September, 2018: Kissing!

14th September 2018: Go Air Indian Airline

7th September 2018: St Lucia

31st August 2018: British jobs that no longer exist

24th August 2018: Kangaroos

17th August 2018: Bananas

10th August 2018: Chocolate Milk

3rd August 2018: Dogs

27th July 2018: Different types of Tears

20th July 2018: Wine! 🙂

13th July 2018: Friday 13th

6th July 2018: World Cup Facts

16th February 2018: Valentines Day

12th January 2018: Roman God Janus

29th September 2017: Slugs





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